Simple review of some of the best generators in 2021

The generator is without a doubt an essential tool in your home or office building. It works as backup power in emergencies, such as power outages. Without a generator, you will not be able to do everyday activities because there is no electricity. For example, if you live in remote areas, the generator becomes crucial for the power supply. If you want to go camping or picnic, it is important to bring a portable generator so that you can cook, light your tent a little, charge your phone, camera much more. Which generator is suitable for your needs? What are the best generators on the market? You have to research the best model depending on your power needs and purpose. Today, the market is flooded with many models from different brands, so consumers have countless choices .all you need is to search for the one that fits your needs and budget. Below is a simple review of some of the best generators in 2021.

1.The EGO Nexus Power Station

This is a battery power generator that has come as an alternative to a gas generator The EGO Nexus Power Station is known to produce clean and quiet power. It is not balky. It is portable, and something you need to understand when purchasing this brand is that it is sold separately from the battery. You can conveniently use The EGO Nexus Power Station either indoor or outdoor, so their uses are endless. The EGO Nexus Power Station was designed to solve all the power problem you may experience because if the power goes out, you can use it to power your TV refrigerator as well as a microwave at the same time, in case you are going camping as a group The EGO Nexus Power Station will conveniently serve you in terms of lighting up the area, operating the fan, splaying the music and induction cooktop other features that come with The EGO Nexus Power Station includes

more features

-it has around 4 USB port

-it has got a robust steel handle

– the port battery chargers are 4 in number

– built-in a manner that it can tolerate all weather condition

– has 3000W Peak and 2000Watt Continuous

– has a LED Display


-it is capable of powering many electrical devices at the same time

-the battery can be replaced easily

-has a bright LCD screen

-almost silence when emitting power


-it cannot power if the startup surge goes beyond 15-amp motors

2.DuroStar DS4000S

DuroStar is one of the leading brands in the production of the best generators. The brand has many models, and one of them is DuroStar DS4000S. It is a powerful generator that can run heavy loads or high power appliances. If you are looking for an affordable generator that can supply large power capacity, DuroStar DS4000S can offer you that. It comes with a starting wattage of 4,000 watts and a running wattage of 33oo watts. The models have been creating below 70 decibels of noise which a bit low, and every consumer can bear with it. It is essential to shut down the generator once it senses a low oil level for your property’s safety.DuroStar DS4000S has a 4- gallon fuel tank that makes it run for 12 hours with 50% load, and if the load is low, it can run for more time.


-User – friendly

-High power capacity

-Has 3 AC outlets

It-Easy to carry around

-low oil shutdown mechanism

It-Easy to connect and operate due to its easy to use features


– not best for sensitive electronics

– Expensive

3.Generac GP8000E COsense Portable Generator

If you want a portable and convenient generator, check on Generac’s GP8000E series. It is has a power rate of 8000watts as running power and 10,000 watts starting power. It is best used at home to power both small and large appliances and best for power emergencies. It has an automatic fuel sensor that automatically shuts down when fuel or oil is low. It also can shut off in case of unsafe carbon monoxide levels. One of the main things that make the GP8000E series popular is its immense capacity steel fuel tank that provides a run time of 11 hours for half the load. It also comes with covered outlets that ensure safety for operation.


– user – friendly

– Easy to maintain

-Safe to use for all devices

– Reliable and portable

-Durable engine

-Good run time




4.WEN GN400i

There are many things as a consumer/buyer you usually have in mind when looking for the best generator, so if you are that kind of a kind who likes a quiet environment, then WEN GN400i is not only quiet but also lightweight, so you can use it to operate most sensitive electronic in your home WEN GN400i has got a budget-friendly price.WEN GN400i has continuous watts of about 3000 with a capacity to run for over 7-hour at a 50%, which can be considered as a total capacity of a smaller generator, WEN GN400i typically offers clean energy of an inverter generator which comes at a lower price and produce a 4000-watt generator that features itself makes it a good choice for a variety of use at home


-it is light in weight

-it is always quiet

-it has a more advanced Inverter Technology

– it has a budget-friendly price

-comes with a 2-year warranty


– it cannot power high capacity appliances

5. A-iPower SUA15000ECV

A-iPower is best for commercial use and power backup at home in case of power failures. This gasoline-powered model comes with a running wattage of 12000 W and 15,000 w starting wattage./It has an electric start, making it easy to create and operate.SUA15000ECV comes with many outlets that can be used to charge both large and small appliances. It works at 7 hours for 50% load capacity. It has a Harmonic Disruption, which produces a clean sine wave that makes the model safe for sensitive devices. It comes with 5 AC outlets and a transfer switch.


-clean sine wave

-high power capacity


-Noisy (85 dBA)

-heavy(392 lbs)

6.Champion 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Champion is a super powerful portable generator with a 439cc engine .it is run by gasoline or propane, depending on what you want. It has an electric start with a battery, plus Cold Start Technology for an easy start during the cold seasons, a safety fuel Selector Switch which allows safe switching of fuel sources. It operates for 8 hours if gasoline-powered and 5 hours if it is propane powered, and therefore the run time depends on the type of fuel used. Whether you are looking to power your home or outdoor project, Champion is reliable and convenient. With this model, you can power most of your home electrical appliances such as tv, air conditioners, freezers, computers, Wi-Fi-router, and many others. Its design allows it to provide safe and efficient operations.


-Has Intelligauge monitors, run times hours and voltage

-Very powerful

-Easy to use


-Convenient for use in cold weather



-Heavy ( 226 Lbs)

-Noisy (74dba)

Final thought

Whether you are looking for the best generator for home use, worksite, camping site or recreational site, these generators will give energy to power your devices.